More Polar Express Activities


After reading about our Berry Merry Adventure inspired by The Polar Express, are you planning a Polar Express adventure for your own family?

Here are a few simple activities that might enhance the experience for you and your family.

  • Read The Polar Express book and/or watch the movie.
  • Help your children write a letter to Santa.
  • Line up your kitchen chairs like seats on a train car, and go for a pretend train ride.
  • Drink hot cocoa.  Set up a hot cocoa bar full of fun toppings like whip cream, marshmallows, sprinkles, chocolate chips, etc.
  • Do something fun with jingle bells!  Tie bells to your shoestrings and have a dance party.  Do a craft using jingle bells (like one of these). Or, play the Jingle Bell Shake game.
  • Play with trains. Pull out the toy train set, or go check out a model train display somewhere. (If you live near Grand Rapids, we highly recommend the holiday train display at the Breton Village mall.  We visit it every year, and it is amazing!)
  • Color some holiday pictures.  Pick up a Christmas coloring book from the dollar store or find some pictures online.
  • Play some holiday games together on the computer.  Check out Google’s Santa Tracker for some kid-friendly computer games.

Find more fun Polar Express Activities on these websites:




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