Kid Savvy Stops in Savannah

I have been working on a fun post about Spring Break destinations but it’s not ready yet. While I continue to work on that, please enjoy this post about our Spring Break family vacation from a couple of years ago.

Minivan Adventures

Savannah, Georgia is a great Spring Break destination for families. Savannah, Georgia is a great Spring Break destination for families.

In 2014, we packed up the family and headed south to Savannah for spring break. This was our first big vacation with all three kids (ages 11, 4 and two), and thus, it seems appropriate that my first family adventure blog post should be about this particular trip. These are our top picks for family fun in and around Savannah, Georgia:

Trolley Tour

All aboard!  The trolley tours were a wonderful option for us.  You could hop off and on at various stops throughout the beautiful city of Savannah.  The kids enjoyed riding a trolley (something we don’t have in our home town), the adults enjoyed the interesting tidbits of information from the tour guide, my husband enjoyed not having to drive (and park) in the heart of town, and everyone enjoyed resting their feet for a bit during the…

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  1. Super! I loved the trolley, too. As old folks, we hopped on and off all over the city.

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    1. With two very small children in tow, the trolley was a huge blessing for us. It was fun, and it offered stops within an easy walking distance of every place we wanted to visit. Win, win, win!

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