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Here are 15 easy “on the go” breakfast options for your next family vacation.

15 Easy “On The Go” Breakfast Options For Travelers

We love hotels that offer free continental breakfast, especially one with hot dishes like waffles and eggs.  However, we occasionally stay somewhere that does not offer breakfast, and in those cases, we have to get creative about eating in the mornings. Here are 15 easy “on the go” breakfast options for your next family vacation. […]

A "Princess and Pirates" theme is the perfect solution for planning a birthday party that will be enjoyed by all - the princess-lovers and the adventure-lovers!

A Birthday Party Fit For Princesses (and Pirates)

The Princess Party Conundrum         What was a two-year-old princess-loving little girl to do?!? Her two big brothers had absolutely no interest (zip, zero, zilch!) in attending a princess-themed birthday party. Even the birthday princess herself often preferred action over tea parties. We came up with a pretty good solution: A Princesses and Pirates Party! […]

Visiting Hilton Head Island with your family? Check out this list of the best things to do there!

Visiting Hilton Head Island with Children

Our Top Five Springtime Activities for Families with Small Children GREEN.  When I think about the Hilton Head Island area in South Carolina, I think of the color green.  Green trees bordering roadways, green grass and shrubs in yards, green vegetation popping up throughout the marshy areas, green vines hanging above the vast system of […]

It is okay to go someplace other than Florida for Spring Break. Really!

Spring Break Destinations NOT in Florida

It is a truth universally acknowledged that if you live in the Midwest, then you will take your children to Florida for every Spring Break vacation. Right? Not necessarily! Despite what we may have been told our entire Midwestern lives, this is not actually a universal truth and there are many other destinations that our […]