15 Easy “On The Go” Breakfast Options For Travelers

No continental breakfast? No problem!

We love hotels that offer free continental breakfast, especially one with hot dishes like waffles and eggs.  However, we occasionally stay somewhere that does not offer breakfast, and in those cases, we have to get creative about eating in the mornings.

Here are 15 easy “on the go” breakfast options for your next family vacation.

1. BYOM – Bring your own MUFFINS. I often whip up a batch of muffins before we leave for vacation. Pack them into some containers, and voila, we have breakfast and/or snacks for the first couple days of vacation.

2. BYOM – Bring your own MUGS (along with some instant oatmeal packets). While waiting for their turn in the hotel room shower, each person can quick cook up and eat some instant oatmeal. All you need is a big coffee mug and a small container of milk.

3. Untoasted Toast (a.k.a. bread and jam). Toast has been a breakfast staple for centuries. Bread smeared with jam is simply toast that hasn’t been toasted. Pair this up with your favorite breakfast drink, and you are ready to start the day.

4. Protein coffee. We adults have been known to grab a cup of coffee and call it breakfast. Why not stir in a little flavored protein powder to your cup of joe in order to add a little protein into our lacking morning diets.

5. Breakfast shakes. I went through a phase where I would drink Carnation Breakfast Essentials every day on the drive to work.  These could also work as a quick-and-easy portable breakfast while on vacation.

6. Oatmeal from the drive-thru. I love McDonald’s oatmeal.  It’s fast, it’s affordable, and it’s tasty!

7. Toaster Pastries. Think Kellogg’s Pop Tarts or something similar. We NEVER buy these for home so my children think it is a great treat when I bring them on vacation with us.

8. Protein Bars. These bars pack an extra wallop of protein so they will help keep your family going for hours.

9. Donuts. While I don’t recommend eating donuts on a daily basis, they can be a great occasional breakfast treat. You can easily find donuts most anywhere – drive-thru bakeries, convenience stores, grocery stores, and even gas stations. My favorite is custard-filled long johns. So yummy!


10. Dry cereal + vanilla yogurt. Crunchy and sweet, dry cereal makes great finger food. And, yogurt can be a good source of calcium and protein. Eat them separate or mix them together – it’s a yummy treat either way.

11. Apples + peanut butter. Slice up an apple and smear a dab of peanut butter onto each slice. The apples fill you up, and the peanut butter gives you a boost of protein to keep you going.

12. Oatmeal raisin cookies + milk. Oatmeal raisin cookies are really not that different from oatmeal raisin muffins. Pair it up with a glass of milk. Who doesn’t enjoy milk and cookies?

13. Granola bar + banana. What kid doesn’t like granola bars? Pair it up with an energy-boosting banana, and your family should be good for 3+ hours.

14. Trail mix + juice box. Give everyone a baggie of power-packed trail mix along with a juice box. The nuts are a good source of healthy fats and protein, the dried fruit is a great source of fiber, and the interspersed candies will make the kids think it’s extra tasty. The family will be glad to have a juice box to wash it down with after eating this sweet and salty treat.

15. Yogurt smoothie + apple. The yogurt smoothie drinks are easy to transport and consume, and the apple fills you up.

 Here are 15 easy “on the go” breakfast options for your next family vacation.

No continental breakfast? No problem! What do you and your family eat for breakfast when you are “on the go”?


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