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Here are 15 easy “on the go” breakfast options for your next family vacation.

15 Easy “On The Go” Breakfast Options For Travelers

We love hotels that offer free continental breakfast, especially one with hot dishes like waffles and eggs.  However, we occasionally stay somewhere that does not offer breakfast, and in those cases, we have to get creative about eating in the mornings. Here are 15 easy “on the go” breakfast options for your next family vacation. […]

It is okay to go someplace other than Florida for Spring Break. Really!

Spring Break Destinations NOT in Florida

It is a truth universally acknowledged that if you live in the Midwest, then you will take your children to Florida for every Spring Break vacation. Right? Not necessarily! Despite what we may have been told our entire Midwestern lives, this is not actually a universal truth and there are many other destinations that our […]

Keeping children entertained on long car rides

Entertaining Kids on Long Car Rides

We love family vacations, and we typically drive to our destinations.  That means we often drive for 6 to 10 hours in a day with our three children in tow.  Like most other parents, we often rely on screens – DVDs, video games, etc – to help entertain our children.  However, we also try to […]

The Funnest Places to Eat With Kids in America

The Funnest Places to Eat with Kids

Did you know that Minivan Adventures has a new website? Read this post on our new site at, and while you are there, check out some of our newest posts. I know, I know.  Funnest isn’t a real word.  But I needed something extra imaginative to describe these super fun restaurants.  Watch your meal […]

Chicago: A fun place to visit for people of all ages

Magnificent Birthday on the Magnificent Mile

The year that I turned 30 was an emotionally crazy year.  There were lows, and there were highs. Having left a failing marriage shortly after my 29th birthday, I started the year devastated and heartbroken. Feeling like a failure, my little boy and I moved into a small bedroom at my parents’ home shortly after […]

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Looking Forward to New Vacation Adventures

New Year’s Day is a time to look forward, and that is just what I thought I would do with today’s post – take a look forward at a few vacations that I have been daydreaming about. Hopefully, we will go on a few of these trips in the years to come.  Maybe we will […]

Games We Play… in the Car

Keeping children entertained during long car rides can be difficult.  Sometimes, the usual old travel games just don’t cut it.  Here are a few super easy games that have worked for my family.  Maybe they will work for your family, too.

Our Favorite Kid-Friendly Trails in West Michigan

I love outdoor adventures, and with varying success, I have tried to pass on that love for outdoor fun to my children. Today, I thought I would talk about what types of trails my family is most likely to enjoy and share a list of our favorite trails around the West Michigan area.

Kid Savvy Stops in Savannah

You can find a revised version of this post on the new Minivan Adventures website. Read the post at   In 2014, we packed up the family and headed south to Savannah for spring break. This was our first big vacation with all three kids (ages 11, 4 and two), and thus, it seems […]