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A "Princess and Pirates" theme is the perfect solution for planning a birthday party that will be enjoyed by all - the princess-lovers and the adventure-lovers!

A Birthday Party Fit For Princesses (and Pirates)

The Princess Party Conundrum         What was a two-year-old princess-loving little girl to do?!? Her two big brothers had absolutely no interest (zip, zero, zilch!) in attending a princess-themed birthday party. Even the birthday princess herself often preferred action over tea parties. We came up with a pretty good solution: A Princesses and Pirates Party! […]

Our Stickiest Christmas Traditions

Christmas is right around the corner, and I have been doing some reminiscing about Christmases from years past. More specifically, I have been thinking about some of my family’s sticky traditions – you know, traditions that create memories that really stick with you.  Here are just a few of our stickiest Christmas traditions. Holiday Lights, […]

More Polar Express Activities

After reading about our Berry Merry Adventure inspired by The Polar Express, are you planning a Polar Express adventure for your own family? Here are a few simple activities that might enhance the experience for you and your family.

A Berry Merry Adventure Inspired by the Polar Express

Last year, I bought a DVD of The Polar Express movie with the intention of creating a tradition of watching it together as a family every December. This year, I have plans to make this experience even more special (and dare I say it, maybe even magical).  Imagine this.  ‘Twas the weeks before Christmas,