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Christmas is right around the corner, and I have been doing some reminiscing about Christmases from years past. More specifically, I have been thinking about some of my family’s sticky traditions – you know, traditions that create memories that really stick with you.  Here are just a few of our stickiest Christmas traditions. Holiday Lights, […]

After reading about our Berry Merry Adventure inspired by The Polar Express, are you planning a Polar Express adventure for your own family? Here are a few simple activities that might enhance the experience for you and your family.

Last year, I bought a DVD of The Polar Express movie with the intention of creating a tradition of watching it together as a family every December. This year, I have plans to make this experience even more special (and dare I say it, maybe even magical).  Imagine this.  ‘Twas the weeks before Christmas,

Keeping children entertained during long car rides can be difficult.  Sometimes, the usual old travel games just don’t cut it.  Here are a few super easy games that have worked for my family.  Maybe they will work for your family, too.

I love outdoor adventures, and with varying success, I have tried to pass on that love for outdoor fun to my children. Today, I thought I would talk about what types of trails my family is most likely to enjoy and share a list of our favorite trails around the West Michigan area.

You can find a revised version of this post on the new Minivan Adventures website. Read the post at   In 2014, we packed up the family and headed south to Savannah for spring break. This was our first big vacation with all three kids (ages 11, 4 and two), and thus, it seems […]

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